Monday, 20 April 2009

How to make a recycled bottle garden

Take an empty plastic bottle, without its top, and cut a 3-sided flap/door in the middle third.

Then fill one third with compost.

Cover the bottom third with old compost bag or card or paper to protect the roots from direct sunlight.

Make a hole to plant your seed or transplant your seedling.

Plant seed and cover with compost and water a little.

Wind wire or tie string round the neck of the bottle and hang on a wall.

You can use this in a window too - hanging or freestanding. You will need to water less often because the bottle creates its own micro climate.

When the plants become too big you can either cut off the door or cut the top off the bottle.

Happy planting!

Sunday, 12 April 2009


The greenhouse is filled with seedlings. We had a few hot days to start everything off, but now we have rain. So all change and we have installed guttering on the back of the garage and greenhouse to catch as much rainwater as we can before the real heat arrives.

Many of my pots this year are toilet roll inners with a milk carton outer. Once the seedlings are up I will plant the loo rolls in the ground and replace with the next batch.