Wednesday, 2 January 2013

So much for resolutions!

Well I tried, but today had many 'other' things to do, including shopping, making dinner for 8, tidying up after Christmas, can I continue making excuses.

In hindsight, the chicken tardis was a bad idea. It is outside the bedroom window and the rooster set off at 3am. I had watched him in the previous pen and he wasn't crowing yet, just chose this morning to do his first practise. Because of the dinner tonight I wasn't able to catch him and move him away from under the window, so I guess it's ear plugs tonight.

Dinner was a success, I covered chicken breasts in ready-made bolognaise sauce, then wrapped it all in a puff pastry parcel. We ate this with red cabbage, al dente, and special mashed potatoes.  Followed by 'no wheat' chocolate cake.

I can't eat wheat and have found I can substitute rice flour for wheat flour and make a reasonable cake using a traditional, 4,4,4,2 Victoria sponge recipe. It doesn't rise as much, but tastes good. It was chocolate flavour - well what else?

Still signs of Mother nature in the garden , above ivy on the drain pipe. Ironically I can't get it to grow indoors, but it is wild where I don't want it.

Seed pods.

Cyclamen on the kitchen window sill, it likes the cold and is still flowering nicely.

That's all for today. See you tomorrow.

Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Resolutions and good intention.

Happy New Year!

So here we are 2013. My resolutions are to spend a minimum of 30 minutes in the garden / greenhouse each day. Grow all our own vegetables. Spend more time doing the things I like. Put lots of effort into my internet shops. Oh and blog daily.

Did any of this happen? Why yes - here is the proof.

Chicken Tardis. Mobile pen to let the chickens weed the path without having to use any weedkiller, completed today.

Satellite dish finally moved to the top of the chimney after 7 years of intermittant TV. The signal used to be cut betweek may and November once the trees had all their leaves.

Mint cuttings, overwintering in the greenhouse.

View from the field looking towards the house.

Last years kiwi's - only about an inch long and hard as bullets - perhaps this year.

Life in the pond - today a sole water boatman.

So yes all resolutions accounted for today - watch this space.