Thursday, 18 November 2010

So much to tell you....

Hello, so it is now thursday and I have been wanting to write since tuesday.  Tuesday nights I teach bellydance to a group of 15, a mix of French and British, in a village hall, in the middle of nowhere, central France.

We started up over 5 years ago after I asked in our local Mairie where the nearest class was. The secretary looked at me like I had horns and smiled ' noone here does bellydancing, this is France'.  After I sulked for a while and totally gave up on the idea, it travelled round the grapevine (many of those here hahaha) and came back to me. I was asked by a local lady to start a class in our village and it started there....

Anyway we have started to learn some Bollywood moves this session up to Christmas. I find the moves on Youtube and make up a choreography to music I have at home.  It is great fun and much faster than the bellydance we are used to.

I have sold 24 of our chickens. I placed an advert on a french web page and within 5 minutes had 2 buyers wanting 12 each.  The first lot of girls go tomorrow. We really have far too many after we hatched 11 and were given another 16. I am keeping some of the prettier ones who should lay some pretty blue eggs in spring. 

Every time we walk out the front door we are followed immediately by 30 chickens and 4 ducks (all the ducks are called Pilchard).  video to come soon.....

Monday, 15 November 2010

Morning Valley Soaps

Rachel has a great shop here I can literally smell and taste her soaps just from the pictures. Why don't you have a look and see if you can smell them too.

I am now working on the principle that 'what goes around comes around'. Actually I always have and probably always will. Now some would disagree and say 'why do something to benefit someone else at no benefit to yourself', well it's just something I do.

Until June this year I was working as a home help here in France, looking after grannies and grandads, doing all the things that most people wouldn't dream of. It does come naturally to me, I guess because I like people.

I had a works accident and now have a frozen right shoulder. Yes I am right handed too! so now I am back to doing another of my favourite things - making and creating.

Today I knitted 2 neckwarmers on my machine (shoulder doesn't permit hand knitting) which I will be listing on within the next few days. Tomorrow I have a full day planned out with ironing and photographing all the linens I bought on Sunday.

So today share the goodness and go and do something willingly and freely for someone else and if you want to share it then you can as a comment below. ;)

New e-shop link

Morning, it is sunny and not too windy today. I hope to hang out all the beautiful French linens that I bought yesterday and photograph them for my shop.

I found a great shop today

heart and home

Have a look at her beautiful paintings. Yogi is offering a place to link your shop.

Having done so I am now offering the same - see side bar on the right.

Be creative.

Saturday, 13 November 2010


So I have another full blown frozen shoulder. It limits so many things, especially work. I have been on eht interweb and hopefully linking up all my efforts. I had thought it would be a good idea to keep everything seperate, but it is all like a wheel with me as the central spoke, so here I am spoking to you.

Have a blustery saturday