Thursday, 28 October 2010

So I'm back!

Yes I seem to have been away a long time. Well I was working as a homehelp with some facinating French elderlies. Details will appear.

Todays contributions is food. So in the oven is one leg of venison. One pot has chicken soup and one pot has a venison stock in the making.

For the soup -
Yesterdays chicken carcass from the roast chicken, then chicken curry has been boiling for about 2 days, just with water and nothing else. I strained the liquid and discarded the rest.

I added rice, tomato juice from 8 fresh tomatoes, 1 teaspoon of curry paste and 8 potatoes and 4 carrots. The result is.....

YUM. I added a little sweet chili sauce on the plate, and yes it was very good.

The leg of venison was too large to fit in my casserole so I cut it in two at a knee joint. The larger part is in the oven with water and 2 chicken stock cubes. The lid is on and it has been simmering for about 2 hours now.

The smaller piece is in a pot with 1 onion and water so far. Simmering quietly for soup or stew for tomorrow.

I mixed some flour, sugar, eggs and vegetable oil into a batter and laid this onto a bed of apple and pear. All went into the oven and the result is...

Quantities well .... some flour, less sugar, 4 eggs and some veg oil. Cooking time - at least 2 hours in the wood oven at some degrees. Sorry I can't be more specific, this is a work in progress.

Here it is and yes it was good. A fruit base with a topping of sweetness, not a sponge, not a crumble, not a cake. So I don;t know what to call it, but it was good.

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